Having breasts is something that is commonly associated with women, but there are cases when men begin to develop a breast like appearance in their chest area. The growth of male breasts is a condition known as gynecomastia. Also commonly known as “man boobs”, gynecomastia effects a large number of men around the world.

As normal a condition as it is, it is generally followed with panic, remorse, and other negative feelings that will leave you feeling insecure. In order to treat this disorder, men attempt to commit to workout routines and diets, but it does not always produce the desired results. In cases like these, a male breast reduction comes into play.

The male breast reduction procedure is the ideal treatment for men who suffer from gynecomastia and wants to get rid of the excess tissue causing the formation of the breasts. With the expertise of a qualified plastic surgeon, the procedure can restore a man’s masculine appearance to the chest area. The primary objective of the procedure is to eliminate excess glandular tissue and fat, in order to bring back a firm and fit appearance to the chest.

What Are The Causes For Male Breasts?

In most cases, developing gynecomastia is a result of an imbalance in one’s hormones. The imbalance of testosterone and estrogen is one of the main contributors to male breasts. Boys going through puberty may also develop gynecomastia since their hormones are changing rapidly. In addition to changing hormones, taking drugs and having underlying health conditions can lead to the disorder.

Taking anabolic steroids and drinking a lot of alcoholic beverages can contribute to the formation of make breasts. People who suffer from medical conditions such as impaired liver function and cancer may also experience gynecomastia.

In many cases, this disorder resolves on its own, although it might cause psychological impact on the man affected by it. If the condition persists, then it is time to start thinking about other ways to treat the issue.

What to Expect During The Procedure

The enlarged male breasts are usually corrected via an invasive process. Your doctor will make an incision in the target area to gain access to the underlying tissues. Once inside, your doctor will remove the excess glandular tissue and tighten the remaining muscles. Liposuction may also be performed to remove any excess fat in the area.

The surgery may take up to two hours depending on your needs and the amount of correction you desire. The procedure is safe and effective, and it provides men with the aesthetically pleasing appearance they desire.

What Happens After The Surgery?

The results provided by the procedure are permanent in most cases. It will leave you with a flatter, more contoured chest, and subsequently higher self-confidence and worth. A small amount of discomfort and tenderness in the operated area is very common, but it is normal and nothing to be alarmed about.

Any slight pain can be controlled with proper medication, which must be prescribed by a qualified doctor. In many cases, doctors prescribe the use of a compression garment that must be strapped over the chest for a certain period of time. It aids in the healing process and therefore results in a shorter recovery period and improved results.

The physical results of the procedure can usually be seen around three months after the surgery, and the results will last as long you maintain your ideal weight and avoid things that may cause your hormones to become imbalanced.

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