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BOTOX® Cosmetic Wrinkle Treatments

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BotoxNo matter how well skin is preserved and pampered, everyone eventually develops facial wrinkles. Fortunately, there are a number of options available to remove the lines that accompany aging. BOTOX® Cosmetic is perhaps the easiest of these options. BOTOX® Cosmetic is an extremely quick approach to softening or removing the natural wrinkles between the eyes (frown lines), at the corners of the eyes (crow’s feet), on the forehead, or at the base of the nose (glabellar frown lines).


Ideally, patients should refrain from alcohol use a week before the scheduled injection date to avoid potential complications. Doctors also recommend stopping the consumption of anti-inflammatory medications and aspirin at least two weeks before the scheduled injection date. This reduces the risks of bruising after the injection.


A BOTOX® Cosmetic treatment only takes around 20 minutes or less to perform. Local or topical anesthesia may be administered prior to the injection to numb the region, though this is often not required. After the injection sites are marked as a guide, a small needle is used to inject units of BOTOX® into the targeted areas.


There is no downtime or recovery time needed after a BOTOX® Cosmetic treatment session. Typically, patients are advised to stay upright for at least four hours following the injection and to avoid exercising for a day.

Following the injection, you may experience minor side effects like minor redness and bruising in the treated area. These will disappear shortly.

You should refrain from rubbing the site of injection for at least an entire day following the injection. Rubbing the area can result in the BOTOX® spreading to surrounding areas, which may result in minor side effects.


The full results of the BOTOX® injections will be visible in around seven to ten days from the treatment date. Minor wrinkles will have faded, revealing smoother and younger-looking skin.

The effects of BOTOX® Cosmetic will be visible for three to four months following the treatment session. To maintain results, you will need to undergo another injection after the effects of the previous injection wear off.

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