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Neck Lift – Neck Tightening

Conveniently located to serve Dayton, Columbus, Cincinnati and Gallia County

Neck LiftConveniently located to serve Dayton, Cincinnati, Gallia County, Centerville, and Surrounding Areas

A neck lift is a popular cosmetic surgery that rejuvenates the appearance of the neck by reducing sagging skin and wrinkles. Our skilled plastic surgeons at the Plastic Surgery Institute of Dayton regularly perform neck lifts for patients in Dayton, Cincinnati, Gallia County, Centerville, and the surrounding areas.

As part of the natural aging process, the neck often becomes wrinkled, sags, and looks out of shape. These issues can also result from factors like gravity, dramatic weight changes, stress, and heredity. The neck lift gives you a slimmer and more contoured profile, especially from a side view, taking years off your appearance.

After a neck lift, the neck and chin area will look more defined. A turkey wattle, a double chin, and jowls can all be addressed.

Ideal Candidates

If you aim to get rid of sagging skin and excess fat on your neck and chin, you may be a good candidate for neck lift surgery. If you want to achieve a toned and chiseled neck area, this procedure may be recommended to you. You must have realistic expectations and a positive outlook.

Individuals with mild to moderate skin laxity may undergo this procedure. Ideally, you should be a non-smoker and in good overall health. Smoking negatively affects the healing process, leading to complications and prolonging recovery. If you do smoke, you will need to quit several weeks before the date of the surgery.


During a neck lift consultation with one of our surgeons, they will take down your medical and health history. They will ask you about the general condition of your skin. You can candidly share what you expect from the surgery, and in turn, your doctor will give you a precise idea of what you will gain from the surgical procedure.

Your surgeon usually takes pictures of your neck and shows you how it will look after surgery. They thoroughly study your neck and may suggest other augmentation procedures, such as dermal fillers or implants.

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The Surgery

The neck lift is a procedure that will be conducted at our outpatient surgical center in Centerville. It usually takes several hours. The type of anesthesia used will depend on what the actual surgery entails, as each individual has a different skin type and different aesthetic goals.
Either local anesthesia with sedation or general anesthesia will be administered.

The procedure involves the surgeon making tiny incisions behind your ears and/or below your chin. With a great deal of precision and care, they will lift the neck skin, take out excess stubborn fat using liposuction, and rejoin and tighten the platysmal muscles with internal sutures. Excess skin will then be removed with a scalpel.

The surgeon then seals the incisions with sutures. A pressure bandage will be applied around the head and under the chin areas.


The time taken to recover from a neck lift depends on the patient. Normally, patients can expect to return to normal life two weeks after the surgery, including returning to work.

During recovery and healing, it will be important to keep your head and neck elevated at all times. It lessens the degree of post-surgical swelling and bruising in the region. You can use pillows to elevate your head and neck while you sleep.

After a while, you will need to return to the office for a follow-up appointment. During this appointment, your surgeon will examine the region to ensure proper healing. Sutures will also be removed at this time.

After your skin has healed, you will see a significant and visible change for the better. Neck lift results are quite long-lasting. The trick to long-lasting positive benefits from your neck lift is to follow the doctor’s directions and take care of your skin.

Neck Lift Cost

Due to the client-centered approach of the Plastic Surgery Institute of Dayton, the cost of a neck lift surgery varies from patient to patient. The overall price will include the anesthetic and surgical fees, as well as any additional procedures performed in combination with your neck lift.

Frequently Asked Questions

A neck lift can significantly enhance your appearance, addressing concerns such as a double chin or turkey neck. Below, we answer some common questions about this procedure.

What Techniques Minimize Scarring?

In neck lift surgery, incisions are strategically placed to minimize visibility, often under the chin or behind the ears. With time, scars typically become barely noticeable. Advanced surgical techniques and post-operative care are pivotal in ensuring optimal healing and minimal scarring.

Can It Improve a Double Chin and Turkey Neck?

Yes, a neck lift is designed to address these concerns effectively. By removing excess skin and fat and tightening the underlying muscles, this procedure can provide a more defined neck contour. Liposuction is sometimes performed to further refine the area, particularly for reducing a double chin.

Physical Activities Post-Surgery: What Are the Guidelines?

After a neck lift, allowing your body to heal is essential. Light activities can generally be resumed within a few days. However, strenuous activities and exercise should be avoided for at least 4-6 weeks, depending on your surgeon’s advice. Gradually resuming physical activity is crucial to avoid complications and ensure a smooth recovery.

Recovery and Post-Operative Care: What to Expect?

Recovery varies among patients but generally includes a period of rest and limited movement to aid healing. Swelling and bruising are common but will diminish over time. Follow your surgeon’s post-operative care instructions closely, including wearing any recommended compression garments, attending follow-up appointments, and adhering to specific care protocols to ensure optimal healing and results.

Set Up an Appointment

A neck lift can give a patient a more attractive and youthful neck. If you want this procedure done at a practice in Dayton, Cincinnati, Gallia County, Centerville, or the surrounding areas, come to the Plastic Surgery Institute of Dayton. Our medical professionals can help you achieve a more defined neck. Schedule a consultation regarding the neck lift. Contact our office and arrange your appointment today.

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