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Mommy Makeover — Dayton Combination Body Procedure

Mommy Makeover Dayton

Having children is a great blessing. However, one of the first things a mother will sacrifice for her child is her tight, shapely figure. Anyone who has experienced pregnancy is familiar with the changes it causes to the body. The rapid weight gain followed by a quick drop can cause belly bulging, stretch marks and […]

Endoscopic Brow Lift Procedure in Dayton

Browlift Dayton

Many people are troubled by a tired, sunken appearance around their eyes and forehead. Sagging eyebrows can leave us looking exhausted and much older than we feel. With a browlift, there is a way to turn back the clock on the aging process, one that will leave you looking as attentive and revitalized as you […]

Breast Reduction Surgery in Dayton: Breast Tissue Removal

Breast Reduction Dayton

Many women suffer from large, heavy, sagging breasts that cause back, shoulder, and neck pain. In some cases, the bra straps can carve out deep grooves in the shoulders. These issues can be corrected with a breast reduction at the Plastic Surgery Institute of Dayton. A breast reduction is a surgical procedure intended to reduce […]