9985 Dayton-Lebanon Pike, Rt. 48
Centerville, OH 45458

Plastic Surgery Institute of Dayton Outpatient Center

The Plastic Surgery Institute of Dayton, Inc. is pleased to present our outpatient surgical center in Centerville, Ohio: PSI Surgery Center, LLC. Our center is uniquely equipped to provide you with the most safe, efficient, and comfortable care possible without having to visit a hospital.

Outpatient Amenities

Most of our cosmetic procedures can be completed at our outpatient clinic, without the need for an overnight stay.

Your surgery will be performed in our beautiful, state-of-the-art facility and overseen by our qualified staff. Having your procedure performed on an outpatient basis allows us to offer you a quicker, more convenient visit and a greater degree of privacy.

Our offices are designed for your comfort, and are held to the highest standards of quality and cleanliness.

Our friendly staff is available to answer your questions, and we will do anything we can to make your stay with us as pleasant as possible.

Exceptional Certification

PSI Surgery Center is certified by the American Association for Accreditation of Ambulatory Surgery

Facilities (AAAASF). The AAAASF is a voluntary program of certification, which means that we at the Plastic Surgery Institute of Dayton request to have our facilities inspected to ensure that we are providing the highest-quality care possible. Our accreditation by the AAAASF guarantees that our surgical center has met and surpassed the most stringent requirements regarding patient care, cleanliness, and surgical equipment.

In-Patient Care

Some plastic surgery procedures may still require you to visit a hospital, either to stay overnight or in order for our doctors to utilize certain surgical facilities. During your initial consultation, our doctors will discuss with you whether your procedure will require a hospital stay or if the surgery can be performed at PSI Surgery Center.

For more information about our facilities and the procedures we offer, please contact the Plastic Surgery Institute of Dayton today.

Legacy of Healing

Legacy of Healing is an important part of Dr. Schmidt’s life. Legacy of Healing sends medical mission teams worldwide providing free surgical, medical and dental care as well as safe drinking water to underserved communities. Young people are included as team members, to continue building a legacy that promotes and enhances physical and spiritual health and healing for future generations. Since 2004 Legacy has performed 1147 free operations and seen 7510 village clinic patients. Started by Dr. Schmidt with only six people, it is an inspiring example of what happens when people work together with Christ’s love sharing their time and talents in service to others.