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Facial Implants – Chin Implants & Cheek Implants

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Chin Cheek AugmentationFacial features are an important aspect of a person’s physical appearance. For those who want a more balanced face or more prominent features, facial implants may be the answer. Implants placed in the chin, jaw, or cheeks will create a more pronounced, contoured, and striking face.

Who Is in Need of Facial Implants?

Patients who want to achieve well-defined and balanced facial features are the best candidates for chin, cheek, or jawline augmentation. Ideal candidates have a recessed or weak chin, a weak jawline, or gaunt cheeks. Patients must be in good health, and having realistic expectations is vital.

Your Consultation

Patients interested in facial implants will first need to schedule a consultation. This will allow them to understand what the process is like and what they can expect from it.

As part of their consultation, patients will need to answer questions regarding their health and medical history. A physical examination will be performed. Patients can have any concerns addressed during their consultation.

Before the date of the surgery, patients will need to avoid habits like drinking or smoking. This will greatly reduce the chance of any surgical complications.

The Procedure

When getting chin, cheek, or jaw implants, patients will be given anesthesia to ensure comfort. Once it has taken effect, small incisions are created in key areas. The implants are inserted and precisely positioned, and then sutures are used to close the incisions.

Recovery After Facial Augmentation

Patients would be advised to rest as much as possible during the facial enhancement recovery period and to not exert themselves too much. Instructions regarding the cleaning of the affected areas and replacement of the surgical dressing will need to be followed closely. Temporary bruising and swelling will be present; cold compresses can help to address these issues.

The Cost of Facial Implants

The price of facial enhancement varies based on a number of factors. The types of implants being used, the surgical techniques involved, and the total time needed to perform the surgery can all play a role in determining cost.

Scheduling Your Consultation

The best way to find out more about facial implants in Dayton is contacting us for an informative consultation. To get started, schedule your appointment today.

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