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Liposuction Surgery — Body Contouring

Liposuction Surgery Dayton

Many people manage to stay in good health, eat right, and get regular exercise, yet they still struggle to lose the last bit of weight around certain problem areas of their body. For these people, liposuction surgery is an effective solution. With this quick and easy procedure, patients are given the long-awaited opportunity to enhance their self-image […]

Mastopexy — Breast Lift Incision Patterns

Mastopexy Dayton

The symptoms of aging can take their toll on our bodies as the breasts and nipples begin to lose firmness and sag. These changes in the body can be amplified with pregnancy and weight fluctuations. For those who are concerned about excessive sagging of the breasts or would just like to increase the volume and overall size, […]

Lipoplasty — Body Contouring Fat Reduction

Lipoplasty Dayton

When you have problem areas of your body that you feel self-conscious about and your best diet and exercise efforts don’t achieve the results you want, things can feel hopeless. Both men and women alike struggle with trying to hide their troubled areas for years, while others want a more significant solution. Through the Plastic Surgery Institute of […]