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Abdominoplasty – Tummy Tuck

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Tummy TuckA tummy tuck, or abdominoplasty, is a surgical procedure that extracts excess fat and tissue from the abdominal region. It is especially helpful for men who retain excess fat in their midsections and for women who have undergone multiple pregnancies. Following abdominoplasty, patients can expect a flatter, more contoured, and more appealing stomach.

If maintaining a healthy diet and exercise routine hasn’t helped you achieve your desired contouring results, an abdominoplasty is an ideal solution. It tightens loose abdominal muscles, gets rid of excess sagging skin, sculpts away stubborn fat, and can remove stretch marks.

Note that a tummy tuck is a body-contouring procedure and is not intended for weight loss. One must maintain a stable weight before undergoing this procedure.


During your abdominoplasty consultation, your surgeon will perform a medical evaluation. They will ask you about your complete medical history, including allergies, past procedures, and any medications or supplements you are currently taking. They will ask you about your aesthetic goals for the procedure and will go over the details of the surgery, including preparation steps.

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At the start of a tummy tuck, anesthesia is administered. Next, the plastic surgeon makes a curving horizontal incision going from one hip bone to the other. This incision can be easily hidden by a bathing suit. Another incision may also be made around the bellybutton, allowing for greater access higher on the abdomen.

The muscles of the abdominal wall will be tightened and rejoined with the help of internal sutures. Excess fat will be removed with liposuction, and excess skin will be trimmed with a scalpel. Stretch marks may also be removed. The remaining skin will be redraped and tightened, and then the incisions will be closed using surgical sutures.


After abdominoplasty surgery, painkillers may be prescribed to help you manage any pain or discomfort. There will be a degree of bruising and swelling in the area; these will fade as healing progresses. You will need to wear a post-surgical elastic garment for a time. This will control swelling and ensure that the skin adapts well to the new underlying contours.

Expect to feel a little more tired than usual, and avoid exerting yourself for about six weeks so your body can heal. You should be able to return to work in a month or less, depending on the physical exertion required for your job.

The results of abdominoplasty are long lasting, and weight fluctuations are to be avoided for best results.

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The price of an abdominoplasty depends on the exact techniques utilized. Additionally, cost is impacted by the time required to perform the surgery, the amount of tissue removed, and other factors.


The ideal way to learn more about abdominoplasty in Dayton is by speaking with an experienced plastic surgeon. Contact Plastic Surgery Institute of Dayton to arrange your tummy tuck consultation.

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