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Arm Lift — Brachioplasty

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Arm LiftLoose skin and fat around the arms can cause a person to feel self-conscious, but with an arm lift, the arms can be effectively recontoured. This procedure will get rid of excess skin and fat so that patients will have the sculpted and defined arms that they have always wanted. For more details about arm lifts in Columbus, patients can reach out to the Plastic Surgery Institute of Dayton today.

How Does an Arm Lift Work?

Brachioplasty, commonly referred to as an arm lift, is a set of procedures to rejuvenate the upper arm. As we age, the skin of the upper arm becomes less toned and more ptotic or saggy. The appearance of the upper arm is also affected by the presence of excess fat.

Genetics play a significant role in who will develop this condition; but it may also be exacerbated by significant weight loss and the resultant loss of skin elasticity. Liposuction will address the excess fat; but will do little to improve the saggy excess skin. Brachioplasty, which combines surgical excision of excess skin and fat, is often combined with liposuction to sculpt and shape the upper arm to recreate a more youthful aesthetic appearance.

Good Candidates for an Arm Lift

Patients who want to get rid of the loose skin hanging on their arms would be good candidates for an arm lift. To make sure that the session will not lead to unwanted complications, patients should be in good health.

To help boost the rate of recovery, patients must quit smoking prior to the procedure. If patients are still healing from previous surgeries, waiting until they are fully recovered would be advised.

Your Consultation

At their consultation for an arm lift, patients can expect to answer questions regarding their complete medical history. Any medications that the patients are currently taking will need to be brought up, along with pre-existing conditions and allergies.

If patients have questions regarding the specific details of the procedure, this would be the best time to ask them. This includes any concerns that they may have regarding recovery, cost, and the preparation steps.

Your Session

Each surgery is tailored to the patient’s particular needs and attempts to limit incisions are always made. In most cases, the brachioplasty incision is made along the inner surface of the upper arm and runs from the underarm area to the elbow. Placement of the scar along the inner surface of the arm allows camouflaging of resultant scarring. Brachioplasty is typically an outpatient procedure and is performed at our AAAASF certified facility under general anesthesia administered by a board-certified anesthesiologist.

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