Having brittle eyelashes is a common problem that many people have. It can lead to scanty and sparse eyelashes that look unpleasing and almost non-existent. If your eyelashes look too thin and short, it can make your eyes look less attractive. Fortunately, there is now a way to solve your eyelash problems and achieve the thick eyelashes you have always wanted. This solution is known as Latisse.

Latisse – What is It?

Latisse is a not a typical cosmetic solution. It is a medication that is only available through a prescription. It can be very effective in supporting eyelash growth. Latisse is comprised of a medicine that was originally used to treat glaucoma. The medication was found to be helpful in growing eyelashes as well.

The Latisse treatment requires you to use the solution everyday for at least eight weeks to see significant results. You will notice visible improvements throughout that time, leading up to the eight weeks. Once you have reached a point where your eyelashes are full and beautiful, your doctor may recommend changing your dose to a less frequent application.

Applying the Latisse Solution

You can apply Latisse once a day either during the day or night. You need to use the applicator that comes with it to apply it on the upper lashes. You should refrain from using your fingers to apply it or reusing the applicator after one use. If you do so, you risk the occurrence of eye infections.

You do not need to apply Latisse to the lower lashes. The solution you apply to the upper lids will spread to the lower lids as you blink. You will need to be aware of any excess solution that may trickle down your cheeks as it can trigger hair growth in other areas of the face if it occurs regularly.

You need to make sure to not over apply the Latisse solution to avoid wasting the product. However, if you do apply it in excess, you will need to make sure to carefully wipe it off. Adding more Latisse to the applicator will not accelerate the process and should only be used as your doctor recommends.

You will need to make sure to remove any makeup and contact lenses before applying Latisse. Once you have successfully applied the medication to your eyelids, you can freely wear any makeup or contacts as you normally would.

Is Latisse Safe?

Latisse is safe to use, but you will still need to talk to a qualified medical professional in order to obtain the solution. If you have any eye problems such as conjunctivitis or glaucoma, you must see an eye doctor first.

Many ophthalmologists also prescribe Latisse, so talk to your eye doctor to find out if you are the right candidate for the treatment. You can also consult with a dermatologist, cosmetic surgeon, or physician to learn more about Latisse.

Latisse is approved for use by the FDA and is safe when used under the guidance of a qualified doctor. If you already use any medication for glaucoma, you should inform your doctor during your Latisse consultation.

Is Latisse Effective?

Latisse is very effective for eyelash growth. If you have brittle lashes, you are likely to have eyelash hair loss. With brittle lashes, it is very difficult to have thick and long lashes. With Latisse use, you can not only grow your lashes but also make them darker with regular use.

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