As the years take a toll on the body, the earliest signs of aging often reveal themselves on the face before anything else. You might have noticed certain horizontal or vertical lines appearing on the forehead or between the eyebrows. These lines are caused by constant muscle movement and can make us appear older than we would like. Along with giving us an older appearance, it can also give you an unapproachable, stressed, or angry look.

With the advancement of plastic surgery procedures, you can find an answer to these problems by opting for a brow lift surgery. An experienced plastic surgeon will help you get rid of all the wrinkles and lines around the eyes and forehead that you want to get rid of. This is achieved by adjusting the brow lines so that they return to their original position.

Patients have the option to choose from two types of brow lift surgeries. The decision to go with a particular type can be taken based on your unique needs. The two surgical techniques are the traditional brow lift and the endoscopic brow lift. For a less invasive surgery that limits downtime and provides substantial improvements, patients often choose the endoscopic technique over the traditional technique.

The Endoscopic Brow Lift Procedure

The endoscopic brow lift involves a reduction in the following:

• Severe or moderate wrinkles.
• Sagging skin in the eyebrow region.
• Heavy eyebrows that make you look tired or mad.

Instead of the long incision used during a traditional brow lift, an endoscopic surgery only involves a few small incisions on the scalp.This surgical technique makes use of an endoscope, a small surgical video device. Using it makes the procedure less invasive and minimizes any associated risks.

To begin the procedure, your surgeon will start with the administration of anesthesia to help you feel comfortable during the treatment. The next step is to make incisions along the scalp. After this, the endoscope is glided into the scalp through one of the incisions.

The endoscope allows the doctor to view the treatment area. The next step involves lifting the skin on the forehead. Your surgeon will then reposition the brows and removes the lines caused by aging and other factors. The final step involves getting rid of extra skin and closing the incisions.

Pre-Surgical Requirements

Before you enter the operation room there are certain steps that you must take to ensure a successful surgery. These steps may require you to:

• Stop smoking
• Stop using certain medications.
• Avoid eating the night before the scheduled surgery.
• Avoid applying makeup, wearing jewelry or contact lenses on the day of the surgery.

Recovery Process

The recovery process is not complicated and only requires you to be mindful of a few important things. Since the operation is performed under anesthesia, you should have someone available to accompany you home. To reduce the swelling or bruising that may accompany the procedure, make sure you keep your head in an elevated position. Along with this, you should also use cold compression on your head during the first week of recovery.

You should also take enough time of work to rest. Taking time off can accelerate the healing process and improve the results you experience. Since the procedure is less invasive, you can expect to return to your normal activities quickly.

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