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Patient Satisfaction Survey

We hope your experience with PSI Surgery Center LLC was satisfactory. To help us continue to provide excellent care to our patients, we would appreciate a moment of your time to complete our questionnaire. Thank you.

    1. Were you treated with courtesy and professionalism at our facility?

    2. Were efforts made to maintain your privacy?

    3. Was the facility clean and orderly?

    4. Were you satisfied with your pre-op care?

    5. Was the information provided by anesthesia understandable?

    6. Were you able to ask anesthesia all of your questions?

    7. Were you satisfied with your anesthesia care?

    8. Were you satisfied with your pain management?

    9. Were you satisfied with treatment of your nausea after surgery?

    10. Were you satisfied with the recovery room care?

    11. Were discharge instructions for your post-op care clearly explained?

    12. Did the staff satisfactorily answer any questions you may have asked?

    13. Would you recommend the anesthesia team to others?

    14. Would you recommend PSI Surgery Center LLC to your friends and family?

    * If you answered “NO” to any of the above questions, please elaborate your answer:

    * Do you have any suggestions or recommendations:

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