The neck is one of the first areas of the body that begin to exhibit the visible signs of aging in the very early stages. Apart from a loss of skin elasticity due to aging, there are a couple of other factors as well such as extreme weight loss or sun damage that can end up making the skin on your neck lose and droopy.

While we tend to make great efforts in preserving the natural radiance and fullness of our facial skin, most of us tend to ignore the appearance of the skin around the neck.

There are many different cosmetic treatments available to address various issues that one may have with their facial aesthetic. For those who desire corrections to be made in the neck area, a plastic surgery procedure called a neck lift can help provide it with a smoother and firmer appearance.

Are you an Ideal Candidate for a Neck Lift?

If you are considering a neck lift, you might want to consult a certified and experienced cosmetic surgeon to ascertain that it is the most suitable procedure for addressing your unique concerns.

If you are suffering from a serious medical condition or have been on a prolonged medication, it is imperative to discuss these factors with your surgeon to avoid any postoperative complications.

More often than not, the ideal candidate for the neck lift procedure includes both men and women within the age group of 40 to 80 years with good physical health. Your skin must possess a suitable level of elasticity to withstand the stretching performed during the neck lift surgery.

Your expectations from the surgery must be realistic. In general, the neck lift surgery is the ideal choice for all those who are looking to address common skin damage concerns, including:

  • Sun damaged skin around the neck
  • Fat deposits under the chin forming a double chin
  • Slack or loose neck skin called a Turkey wattle neck
  • Excessive skin or fat tissue below the jaws known as Jowls
  • Excessive skin or fat deposits around the neck

What to Expect from a Neck Lift Surgery?

Before making up your mind to undergo a neck lift surgery, you must make yourself aware of the potential side effects associated with it. You might experience mild swelling or bruising after the procedure that will begin to fade away within a couple of days.

A qualified surgeon will typically make an attempt of limiting the size of the incision and place the sutures in a way so as to make the resulting post-surgical marks virtually invisible.

Patients typically notice optimal results within a period of six months after the treatment. If you refrain from unhealthy lifestyle habits such as smoking and drinking, and you maintain a healthy diet and exercise routine, you can successfully retain the youthful appearance of your neck skin and a greater definition of your jawline for years to come.

When performed by a qualified surgeon, a neck lift surgery cannot only provide a smoother and tighter neck skin, but also make you look years younger than your actual age. When combined with other procedures such as precision liposuction, a neck lift surgery can also effectively minimize stubborn fat deposits around the neck and make you look slimmer.

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