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Customize a New You with a Mommy Makeover

Published on October 7, 2016

A mommy makeover is a plastic surgery procedure that more and more women are choosing every day. This transformative procedure is a way to reverse the many changes that take place during pregnancy, childbirth, and breastfeeding. Simply put, it’s a

Rejuvenate Your Neck with a Neck Lift

Published on August 15, 2016

Onсе уоur bоdу begins tо show thе signs оf aging, уоu might notice thаt people treat уоu differently. People mау start tо lооk аt уоu differently, оr уоu mау nоt gеt offered thе ѕаmе opportunities thаt уоu uѕеd to. Yоu

Wrinkle-Reduction Injection in Dayton

Published on April 29, 2016

A little over ten years ago, Botox arrived on the domestic market in a big way. Since then, well over 20 million Botox procedures have been performed in the United States alone. Botox is a wrinkle-reduction injection that derives from the bacterium

Men Can Benefit from Breast Reduction Surgery, Too

Published on April 15, 2016

While many people think only women can benefit from breast reduction surgery, there are men and even certain children who can benefit from the surgical procedure as well.When a man at any age develops excess tissue in their pectoral muscles,

Rhinoplasty — Nose Surgery Dayton

Published on March 30, 2016

The nose is one of those features that stands out, sometimes in ways we are not happy with. Located at the central focal point of the face, noses come in all shapes and sizes, with all kinds of malformations and

Last Chance for Our Botox Special During March

Published on March 23, 2016

The Plastic Surgery Institute of Dayton and the company that brought you Allergan are proud to announce their Botox special for the entire month of March. If you come in by March 31st, you can receive $50 off your treatment

Dermal Fillers — Dayton Facial-Aging Treatment

Published on March 9, 2016

Dermal fillers are known in the cosmetic industry to be a quick and convenient way to fight the aging process. They’re available in a number of variations and brand names, all of which can help rejuvenate your facial appearance. Some of

Hyaluronic Acid Fillers — Juvederm Dayton Injectables

Published on February 29, 2016
Hyaluronic Acid Fillers

Dermal fillers are some of the most cost-effective and convenient tools in the effort against aging. As a result, their notoriety has seen a spike over the years. Hyaluronic acid fillers such as Juvederm, Restylane and Belotero are the most popular

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Breast Augmentation Surgery — Dayton Implant Types

Published on February 24, 2016
Breast Augmentation Surgery

Breast augmentation surgery is a popular procedure that enlarges the breasts by surgically inserting silicone-shell prosthetics filled with either silicone gel or a salt-water solution known as saline. In 2014, most of the 286,000 breast implant procedures performed in the United

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Breast Reduction Surgery — Dayton Size Correction

Published on February 23, 2016
Breast Reduction Surgery

Sometimes the size of a woman’s breasts can cause her physical and emotional discomfort. Below is a list of reasons why some women elect to undergo breast reduction surgery. Ideal breast size is generally dependant on the individual woman. Many

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Legacy of Healing

Legacy of Healing is an important part of Dr. Schmidt’s life. Legacy of Healing sends medical mission teams worldwide providing free surgical, medical and dental care as well as safe drinking water to underserved communities. Young people are included as team members, to continue building a legacy that promotes and enhances physical and spiritual health and healing for future generations. Since 2004 Legacy has performed 1147 free operations and seen 7510 village clinic patients. Started by Dr. Schmidt with only six people, it is an inspiring example of what happens when people work together with Christ’s love sharing their time and talents in service to others.